Samples of Super Emotions! book pages
An Empowering Book for Growth
Through repetition and memorization, this small book can give
your child basic tools to help themselves.

Super Emotions! is a “memorize me book” for children 2 – 8 years old to help them learn to take responsibility for their actions at a young age, even if they are challenged doing so. From ADD/ADHD, to bipolar, to enthusiastic; Super Emotions helps kids to learn to control their “super emotions.” The Super Emotions! version of the book for kids with ADD/ADHD has been popular over the last decade, even being translated into Spanish.

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“A Book for Kids with Powerful Feelings”

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“A Book for Kids with ADHD”

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Super Emociones! Un libro, para ninos con ADD/ADHD

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A Book for Bipolar Children

Memorize me at bedtime.

Super Emotions! is turning 10 years old. Thank you to the families who have invited us to be a part of your bedtime routine. Kids who memorize Super Emotions! will learn simple lessons that can help them throughout their lifetimes.

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